What's The Good Brand Of The Wheel Loader

- Nov 14, 2018-

The icles loader series products are equipped with the best domestic and international high-quality accessories, with reliable quality and humanized requirements:

Unique oiling nozzle external setting, easy to fill oil, easy to concentrate and add butter; Fine pipeline design, rationalized pipeline layout, beautiful and practical, easy to check and easy to repair; bucket automatically flatten, reduce driver fatigue strength, single pump Diversion, priority to the sensing steering system, economical and energy-saving; single-bar operation, reduce driving fatigue and improve work efficiency, four-wheel caliper disc brake is safe and reliable; centering design, small turning radius; load sensing coaxial flow amplification steering, Lightweight, flexible and efficient; ideal working speed and 40 degree steering angle greatly improve work efficiency; international standard noise reduction technology to protect the driver's physical and mental health and ensure work efficiency; industry leading cooling system to ensure continuous uninterrupted operation at high temperatures.J18装载机690KGS