Things To Watch Out For When Using The Loader

- Mar 14, 2019-

1. Before the operation, check the small loader. The tire pressure and the hydraulic control valve of each hydraulic pipe are normal. If there is no oil in each lubrication part, it can be started after confirming normal.

2. Attention should be paid to the situation of the surrounding people at all times, especially when reversing, pay attention to whether there are pedestrians behind the vehicle. During the operation, no one is allowed to get on or off the vehicle, especially on the bucket and the rack. .

3. Do not raise the bucket too much when driving on a small loader.

4. When driving and turning on uneven grounds, it is strictly forbidden to raise the bucket to the highest position.

5. No warranty work should be carried out on the slope. It is strictly forbidden to turn, reverse and stop on the steep slope. When the fire is extinguished on the slope, the bucket should be grounded and the brakes should be firmly activated before starting.

6. When working at night, the site lighting should be complete.

7. After the operation is completed, park the small loader on the flat ground and drop the bucket on the ground. The hydraulic control should retract the hydraulic cylinder, put the joystick in the middle position, clean it, and close the door and window after lubrication. .