The World's Largest Electric Digger, Weighing 1, 700 Tons, How Deep Did It Have To Go Through The Ruts?

- Jan 17, 2019-

With the advancement of society, many human inventions have not saved much manpower and material resources, especially the excavator used to excavate the earth. It is the world's largest electric excavator 4100XPC. It is said that it is not a problem to move mountains. Is it so sacred and so powerful? Let's take a look at its true colors.


Looking at it, this is a black large excavator. It is up to 21 meters high and has a height of three meters. The person standing under it is as weak as an ant, and its weight is 1,700 tons. I can’t imagine it passing. The road surface may be shocked, and the road surface will leave a deep concave car scar, not to mention, its formation is extremely difficult.


Large machine selection and tough as metal materials, through the layers of different manufacturing process to make, many parts need to be assembled from the factory direct transportation come over, transportation alone so troublesome, need to use 22 platform trailer and section 7 train, to the assembly factory assembled together, from parts manufacturing to molding has spent about six months time, the claims of the world's biggest excavator is not only refers to its size, its a shovel down to dig into the sand stone weighing more than 90 tons, this also is can't be matched by other excavator, but open up such a large excavator is certainly not the average person,What do you think?