The Latest News About Hydraulic Excavators

- May 20, 2018-

The latest wheeled excavators from icles Construction Equipment — the short swing icles150T and icles135t, and the conventional swing icles80t — give contractors three new models to choose from to take advantage of the versatility and mobility offered by wheeled machines.

“Wheeled excavators are underutilized in North America, and contractors are missing out on the benefits they bring, especially in applications like road building and in urban utility work,” said , product manager, wheeled excavators at icles Construction Equipment. “They can travel on their own up to 22 mph from site to site, even towing a trailer, rather than being loaded on a lowboy. Wheeled machines also have lighter footprints and don’t damage hard surfaces like their tracked counterparts. That equates to less cleanup and lower labor costs. We really see these wheeled machines as an opportunity for contractors to rethink the way they’re building their fleets.”