Some Tips On Choosing A Wheel Loader

- Feb 21, 2019-

In terms of fuel consumption, it is definitely a single-cylinder low-point than a double-cylinder. The optional loader must also consider economics. The structure of the whole vehicle is durable. It is easy to make some suggestions when purchasing a loader.

First, the loader engine is purchased. The single-cylinder engine connection is connected by a belt. The start of the old car and the use of the clutch bring a little inconvenience, especially the clutch is easy to cause problems (the car structure is simple, the structure of the clutch, The clutch connection device is very simple. It is recommended to select the pressure plate type clutch. If the engine is at the bottom, only the double cylinder and the above gearbox can be selected. The gearbox is generally mechanical, with high bottom speed, which basically does not need to consider the whole frame. The structure looks good and can be like the above mentioned in the new car price and user comfort and future maintenance costs, it is more economical to use, like the full hydraulic, although easy to use, but the future maintenance costs are very high And in terms of performance, I personally feel very unstable and prone to problems.