Precautions Before Using The Roller

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. Check whether the fastening parts of the connecting parts of the roller are loose.

2. Whether the cooling system of the water-cooled diesel engine has been filled with water, whether there is water leakage at the joint of the water pipe, and whether the fan belt of the air-cooled diesel engine is loose.

3, hand roller manufacturers are particularly reminded to check the diesel engine oil and fuel oil level, to ensure that the diesel engine has enough oil, fuel.

4. Check the oil level in the hydraulic oil tank to ensure that the hydraulic oil level is in the specified oil mark indication position.

5, check the transmission, transfer case, drive axle and other gear transmission in the lubricant, if necessary, let go or add enough stipulated grade of lubricant.

6. Check the sealing condition of the joints of the diesel fuel system and the hydraulic systems. Repair the oil spill in a timely manner to prevent accidents.