Mini Excavator Machine Safety

- Mar 20, 2018-

Since the main customer groups of small excavators are rural and municipal, with short workability and strong mobility, most of them own trailers and shuttle between mountains and jungles.

First, the trailer can not be too high, too easy to wipe the wire, the best standard 750-825 tires.

Second, the brakes must be air brakes, preferably with water jets, braking downhill for a long time, the brakes are very easy to soften, and even the accident of the car with people down the cliff, mostly caused by the oil brake.

Third, the parking brake is recommended, if there is no air brake, when the upper and lower excavators are used, the wheels must be stoned. It is not enough for someone to step on the brakes. The experience of the excavator and trailer sliding together is quite scary.

Fourth, if you often run on the mountain road, the wheelbase of the car cannot be too long. Otherwise, the upper corners are very strenuous. The choice of the trailer should be judged according to the local geographical conditions.