Matters Needing Attention For Installation Of Air Heater

- Aug 08, 2018-

1.The installation site is far away from inflammable, explosive and other dangerous articles and gases;

2.Warm air blower installation site can shelter from rain and snow indoor dry place, prevent moisture;

3.Warm air fan installation site well ventilated, do not use in sealed box;

4.The air inlet at the place where the heater is installed shall not be obstructed. The air outlet shall be connected with the heat insulation material, and it shall be noted that the pipe should not be too long, too thin, too curved or too bent.

5.Heater outlet when installation should be 15 ° updip, downdip 10 ° within the scope of the body about 15 ° inclination in within the scope of use; Environmental requirements

The air heater's operating environment requires that the content of non-viscous and fibrous substances, dust content and other solid impurities should not be greater than 100mg/m3.

6.Heater use environmental requirements work when the ambient temperature between - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, humidity is within 85% (condensation). The operating environment of electric heaters requires that the altitude should not exceed 1000m.