Leveler Classification

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. Leveling feeder: It is generally applicable to the automatic leveling and feeding of the tape during the stamping process. It can be used with the feeder, the material rack and the receiving machine, mainly used for leveling the coil; the main model is the CLS series. , SNL series, STL series, HS series;

2. Stand-alone leveler: It is generally suitable for flattening or punching of sheet metal sheets, including sheet metal, aluminum sheet, circuit board, PCB sheet, etc., as well as special requirements of customers. Customized, high-precision can use four-type or six-type high-precision leveler.

3, leveling machine production line: used for leveling cut after the metal plate, belonging to the metallurgical equipment production line supporting equipment. According to the different leveling material thickness, it can be divided into thick plate leveling machine, ordinary leveling machine and thin plate leveling machine.