Kelesi Machinery Co.,Ltd Releases Two-drum Vibrating Asphalt Roller

- Jul 14, 2018-

Kelesi Machinery Co.,Ltd has launched two new double-drum asphalt rollers - ICLES35 and ICLES45. The two new asphalt vibration roller has 100% of the traction force and reliable compaction performance, thanks to its balanced roller design and a variety of standard features, such as automatic control, crabs line mode vibration, the vibration type articulated roller connection and pressurized triple filtered water system, etc. If the high frequency option is selected, up to 4,020 VPM (67 Hz) frequency can be achieved, so that compaction performance can be better controlled according to the thickness and density requirements of each layer. In addition, both models have an optional kit that includes a front vibrating drum and inflatable rear tires to make paved surfaces smoother and smoother.