ICLES Heaters Give You Different Warmth

- Nov 05, 2018-


The icles heater is a new type of industrial heater that looks good and is well-conceived by our technicians with reference to international advanced technology.

The icles heater is a combination of a ventilator, a motor and a heat sink. It is suitable for circulating heating air heating equipment in large buildings and can reach the required temperature in a short time. Industrial heaters mainly use some outdoor heating facilities such as workshops, parking lots, basements, etc., and are also ideal heating equipment for large buildings. Industrial heaters can also be divided into vertical heaters, portable heaters, and fixed heaters.

The icles heater is suitable for use in factories, garages, basements, drying rooms, etc. The heater is forced to circulate by the rotation of the fan, which is beneficial to the heating of the air and is suitable for use in intermittent heating.