How To Solve The Problem Of Large Stone Decomposition?

- Aug 01, 2018-

In the engineering construction, the conventional crushing methods, such as pneumatic picks, hydraulic picks and crushing hammer, are used to break the structure of the object through the impact of external force. However, the compressive strength of cracked concrete and rock is high, while the tensile strength is lower than 10% of its compressive strength. Therefore, when encountering hard rock above 5 degrees of mohs, the removal power of crushing hammer decreases linearly with the increase of rock hardness. When encountering rock above 7 degrees of mohs, it is almost difficult for crushing hammer to carry out demolition.


Due to the demand of static broken rock during construction, our company independently developed and built a new type of rock-breaking equipment. Using advanced German technology, using materials provided by famous Chinese enterprises

It is a hydraulic machinery used to break rock equipment, the principle is the principle of rock drill. Rocks below grade 9 hardness can be broken easily during construction. Greatly increased the level of mining power