How Does The Crane Know That The Oil Should Be Changed?

- Jan 23, 2019-


Do you know how long the car crane oil is changed? How do you judge the oil change? Let's take a look at the related content.

How do you judge that the oil should be changed?

1. Observe by oil test paper

Remove a small amount of oil from the oil dipstick onto the oil test paper, and then stand still for one night, waiting for the oil above to spread completely on the test paper. If the edge between the diffused oil ring, the precipitation ring, and the diffusion ring is harder, the oil performance is attenuated more.

2. Judging according to the driving feeling after changing the oil

The performance of the oil has a "shelf life". In a certain period, when you feel that the power is "very meat" and accelerates slowly, this means that the "shelf life" of the oil has arrived, and it is time to change the oil.

In addition, when you change the oil, you feel a significant power boost, which means that the mileage of the last oil change is a bit too long. The next time you can properly advance 500 kilometers, so you can find a more accurate mileage change of oil in 1-2 times.

Finally, everyone is reminded that it is best to replace the oil filter at the same time as the oil is changed. The function of the oil filter is to intercept the impurities in the oil. If it is not replaced in time, the accumulated impurities will cause blockage. Lightness will result in insufficient oil pressure, poor lubrication of mechanical parts, and severe engine wear.