Excavator Bucket Heating How To Do

- Mar 20, 2018-

(1) The volume of the fuel tank is too small, the radiation area is not enough, the oil cooling equipment is not installed, or the cooling equipment is too small.

(2) According to the selection ability of the rapid-advance pump system, the pump works with most of the flow restriction in the high pressure relief valve overflow and fever.

(3) If the unload circuit in the system is faulty or the unloading circuit is not set to stop working, the pump cannot be unloaded. The entire flow pump overflows under high pressure, overflows losses and heat, resulting in oil heating.

(4) The pipe is bent too long, too much, local pressure loss and pressure loss.

(5) The assembly accuracy is not enough, the assembly quality is poor, and the mechanical friction loss between relative movements is large.

(6) Part of the gap in mating is too small, or the difference in wear after use is too large, and a large amount of leakage leads to a lot of losses, such as the reduced volumetric efficiency of the pump and rapid heating.