Did You Make A Mistake? An Easy Mistake For A Novice Excavator

- Jul 09, 2018-

1. Replace the coupler separately

Excavator parts contains a lot of matching parts, such as the fuel system of diesel engine piston, hydraulic control valve in the valve block and the valve stem, the couple is different from other separate parts, in the manufacturing period, through the special processing factory, in pairs, so I made one is precision fitting parts. Therefore, in the work, these couplings work in pairs, and when replaced, they also need to be replaced in pairs. But in the actual repair, many mining machinist have happened unpaired or complete replacement of couple, not only reduces the maintenance quality, also raise the cost of the use of excavators, increase the likelihood of failure.

2. Reverse installation

The installation sequence of excavator parts has been noticed by many excavators. The assembly of many parts has strict direction requirements. Only proper installation can make the excavator work normally. But many excavators overlook parts that have no obvious external features and think they can be installed either positively or negatively. However, in the actual maintenance process, if the reverse part is installed carelessly, the loss of the part will increase, and the machine will not work normally. Therefore, the excavator should install the parts in strict accordance with the instructions when installing the parts, so as to avoid the abnormal work of the parts