Basic Knowledge Of Excavators

- Jan 14, 2019-

Basic knowledge of excavators

1. Excavators are fixed assets with large economic investment. In order to increase their service life and obtain greater economic benefits, equipment must be fixed, fixed, fixed, and clearly defined. When the post must be transferred, equipment should be handed over.

2. After the excavator enters the construction site, the driver should first observe the geological conditions of the working face and the surrounding environment. There should be no obstacles in the radius of the excavator to avoid scratching or damage to the vehicle.

3. After the machine is started, it is forbidden to stand in the bucket, on the shovel arm and on the track to ensure safe production.

4. During the work of the excavator, it is forbidden for any person to stay or walk in the radius of gyration radius or under the bucket. Non-drivers are not allowed to enter the cab and move without training, so as not to cause damage to electrical equipment.

5. When the excavator is moving, the driver should first observe and whistle, then move the position to avoid a safety accident caused by someone at the mechanical position. The position after the position is removed to ensure that there is no obstacle in the space of the excavator's radius of rotation.

6. After the work is finished, the excavator should be moved away from the low-lying area or the edge of the trough (ditch), parked on the ground, closed the doors and windows and locked.

7. The driver must do the daily maintenance, overhaul and maintenance of the equipment, make daily records in the use of the equipment, find that the vehicle has problems, can not carry sick work, and report and repair in time.

8. The cab must be clean and tidy, keep the surface of the car clean, free of dust and oil, and develop the habit of cleaning the car after work.

9. The driver should make timely records of the day and class, make statistics on the work content of the day, and complete the formalities for zero-work or zero-time work outside the project, and make a record for the checkout.

10. During the work period, drivers are strictly forbidden to drink at noon and drink and drive. If they find that they have given financial punishment, the economic losses will be borne by me.

11. For man-made vehicle damage, it is necessary to analyze the cause, find the problem, distinguish the duties, and impose economic punishment according to the responsibility.

12. We must establish a high degree of responsibility, ensure safe production, conscientiously do a good job in communication and service with the builders, do a good job in bilateral relations, establish a good work style, and do our best for the development and efficiency of the company.

13. Excavator operation is a special operation, and special operation operation certificate is required to drive the excavator.

14. Maintenance tabs must be followed when performing maintenance.