Attention To These Points, Can Lengthen Your Small Road Roller Service Life!

- Jul 26, 2018-

1. Transmission maintenance

Gearbox cleaning at least once a season, when cleaning, first under the thermal state, parking unscrewed the transmission side of the oil plug, the lubricating oil in the release, then the oil plug screw, insert in the kerosene, diesel engine starting, the transmission speed for 2-3 minutes, release the parking kerosene, clean the oil plug and twist to the gearbox, (note: you must put kerosene clear clean, in order to avoid losing lubricating oil mixed with residual kerosene effect), and then add new oil, add to the oil level to the marker rod.

Gear 20 oil for transmission.

It is necessary to check and adjust the positioning device of the variable speed control mechanism and reversing mechanism frequently to keep the gear in the proper position so as not to cause off-gear accident.

Always pay attention to check the leakage of the gearbox seals and replace the seals if they are damaged.

Check the connection bolts between the gearbox and the frame frequently and tighten them when necessary to prevent loose and falling off.

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II. Maintenance of hydraulic system

Check whether the installation bolts of filter, valve, motor, oil pump and cylinder are loose, and whether the joints are leaking oil.

Observe the oil level gauge on the side of the tank. When the hydraulic oil is too low, add the hydraulic oil of the same brand after filtering.

The hydraulic oil tank is cleaned once every half a year and replaced with oil. When adding or changing oil, please pay attention not to mix impurities into the tank.

No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil for hydraulic oil.

The hydraulic oil filter must be cleaned or replaced every 500 hours after use.

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III. Vibration wheel maintenance

The vibrating wheel is lubricated every 1000 hours. Check the lubricating oil of vibration wheel for leakage at any time; When checking the oil level, turn the oil inlet to the top, open the oil outlet, so that the oil will leak out until not leaking or not leaking.

Replace the vibration wheel oil during maintenance, and pay attention to cleaning when changing oil.

Diesel oil for lubricating oil grade CD 30.

For the lubrication and maintenance of the running bearing, a sufficient amount of calcium base grease should be added at the corresponding oil cup position after 20 days' average use of the whole machine.

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Iv. Main clutch maintenance

In addition to adjusting the operating mechanism of the main clutch at any time, attention should also be paid to checking and adjusting the ends of its three separators in the same plane and keeping a certain gap (0.4-0.7mm) with the separated bearings.

Main clutch engaging and release shall be smooth, not too hard, must make the clutch pedal back to its original position when clutch engagement, joint clutch completely, when release the clutch, pedal step must be to the end, the complete clutch release, when manipulating, must prevent the clutch in the clutch half joint state, in order to avoid the clutch burn out.

Check the main clutch frequently to avoid oil contamination on the surface of the friction plate and the pressure plate.

V. side drive maintenance

Side drive, due to low speed, heavy load, and easy to be contaminated by dust mud and sand, should always pay attention to check its lubrication condition, regularly remove the mud, sand, fine stone debris dirt on the gear, and apply a new layer of calcium base grease to avoid damage.

Vi. Battery maintenance

Batteries use time, as a result of improper use and maintenance is not at that time, common electro-hydraulic proportion is low, high charging voltage and discharge voltage, when the low phenomenon, and the current white crystalline particles on the plate outgoing, form the battery acid salt, thus cause cannot be applied, by acid salinization battery, light person can use smaller current after 1 or 2 time charge can be returned to normal.

The specific gravity of the electrolyte should be 1.28(15oC) when the battery is fully charged. If the specific gravity drops to 1.2, the battery should be charged by another power source.

Under normal conditions, a diesel generator is enough to charge the battery, but in winter the battery pack should be careful to keep it fully charged to avoid freezing. In order to avoid the hardening of the battery electrode and the generation of sulfuric acid scale, the battery should not be in the discharge state for more than 24 hours. If it is not used for a while after charging, it should be charged once a week until the battery can fully emit bubbles.

The surface of the battery must always be kept clean. If there is dust or electrolyte outflow, it is best to wipe with a cloth soaked with ammonium chloride alcohol or 10% ammonium sulfate solution.