Application Characteristics Of Industrial Electric Heaters

- Feb 21, 2019-

The industrial electric heater is an electric heating product that can be fixed on the wall or placed on the ground. It is suitable for heating in a relatively closed space such as an office, workshop, entertainment venue, exhibition hall, warehouse garage, training hall, game room, etc. , heat preservation, antifreeze and product drying and drying. Does not consume oxygen, smokeless, odorless, moisture free, low noise.

Working through the fan, forced air circulation, is conducive to air heating and temperature balance, suitable for use in closed heating.

Where a new wind is needed, the equipment can be connected to the fresh air duct, and the fresh air volume can be adjusted by the wind. It is fixed on the wall or on the top of the boron to save the floor space and choose the installation method of hanging on the roof.

    Industrial electric heaters are combined units of ventilators, electric motors and radiators. It is suitable for all types of workshops where air is allowed to be recirculated. When the air contains no dust or flammable gas, it can be used as circulating air heating.

    The industrial electric heater is mainly composed of air heater and fan. It adopts advanced and efficient non-red-hot electric heating tube. The machine is equipped with imported high-efficiency light-trigger switch, which is easy and reliable to operate. This product has the function of sending fresh air. This machine does not need to be installed. It is not only suitable for mobile temporary houses, but also for special equipment such as workshop equipment, small assembly lines, elevator machine rooms, factories, and special environmental places.

    The industrial electric heater is the first choice for the upgrading of modern industrial heat source. It is the best hot air source configuration for automatic machinery such as hot air conveying furnace, drying furnace, oven and packaging machine.