Analysis Of China's Excavator Output Data From January To May 2018: The Output Has Increased By Nearly 40%

- Jul 09, 2018-

China's excavator output in May 2018 was 25,618 units, up 51.6% year on year, according to the big database of the China institute of commerce and industry research. From January to May 2018, China's output of excavators was 112,000, a cumulative increase of 37.5 percent.

According to zhongshang industry institute released "2018-2023 China excavator industry market prospect and investment opportunity study report statistics show that in 2017 China's engine cumulative production for 195000 units, the cumulative increase of 71.5%. According to the data of the Chinese academy of commerce and industry, the cumulative output of engines in China in 2018 is 207,700, with a cumulative increase of about 6.5 percentage points.