A Four-year-old Boy Can Operate An Excavator Skillfully

- Dec 05, 2018-

Recently, a video of a four-year-old boy from the UK, Teddie Johnson driving an excavator, became popular on the Internet. Teddie's father sold cars. Under his father's influence, Teddie started to get in touch with cars, not only driving Land Rover. And he also can drive an excavator.


Pictured: Teddie is driving an excavator. From the point of view of his actions, Teddie said that these skills were handed over to him by his father. It was not his father who taught him actively, but that he asked his father to teach him because he liked cars very much.


Teddie's biggest dream is to become a racing driver when he grows up. In order to fulfill Teddie's wishes, his father takes him to practice 3 times a week to let him master more driving skills.

I don't know what kind of opinion you have for this little boy?