1 Ton Road Roller Compactor Wholesale Price

- Jun 14, 2018-

Product Application

1 ton road roller compactor wholesale price

Mainly used in foundation ditch, road, sports venues built compaction, can also be used to compact asphalt surface.

1 ton road roller compactor wholesale price

Main Features  

1). Operate radius small, can work in small area, suitable for groove backfill.

2). adopts HONDA gasoline or famous diesel engine superior performance, easy to start;

3). with famous brand hydrostatic drive unit,infinitely variable speed ,walking forward and backward ,reversing conveniently.

4). Use electrical startup, machine vibration control use electromagnetic clutch, easier operation.

5). Install luxurious seats, convenient adjustment, and work comfortable.

6). Adopt international NSK bearing, MITSUBOSHI triangle belt, ensure the machine’s work performance.

7). Surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust resistant.