The range of small-sized roller

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. Landscape, residential landscape, golf applications. For the landscape area, large road rollers are not really naïve. The construction of the landscape emphasizes the design of the style. Not all areas need to be compacted, and the construction of the golf course is the same. Therefore, the roller will be used.

2. The compaction of the sidewalk and the maintenance of the road surface. It is obviously not appropriate to drive a large road roller to do road maintenance. The use of road rollers, such as the paving of pavements, the compaction of the trenches into the edges, and the compaction of asphalt at the corners of the road, are all necessary.

3. The compactor can effectively complete the operational requirements in a narrow construction site or on a weight sensitive occasion. Its role is irreplaceable.

4. When backfilling on a highway pipeline or abutment, a roller and a large roller can be used together at this time. Because the roller has a large water tank, it can avoid transporting water to and from the water and waste time. Moreover, the handles of the operating roller are all foldable, which is convenient for operation and convenient for storage.