Technical knowledge of walk behind road roller

- Jul 14, 2018-

In engineering construction, walking roller is often used in equipment, most operators may only work operation, the power structure of the walking roller may also not too clear, today we mainly to understand the importance of a walking roller power components, hydraulic cylinder.

Tubing is connected the effective area of two cavity, two cavity via the tubing and into the high pressure oil, because the effective area is not equal, the reaction is not equal, rodless cavity traction traction is greater than the rod chamber, promote the piston movement to the right, from right cavity and discharge of oil into the left chamber of the hydraulic cylinder, so the left cavity flow increase, accelerate the speed of movement to the right, so the cycle. This method is called differential connection, and the single piston cylinder with differential connection is called differential hydraulic cylinder. The differential hydraulic cylinder of the hand-supported roller can obtain relatively small traction and return speed, so it is often used in machine tools.