Small tracked transporter mini dumper truck for you

- Mar 02, 2019-

The small crawler transporter is a crawler type sloping transporter used for agricultural sloping transportation. It can carry goods that need to be transported on slopes such as grain, fruit and fertilizer. The machine is powerful and makes walking more stable. The small crawler transporter can adapt to complex road conditions such as paddy fields, marshes, muddy field roads, rugged mountain roads, soft grasslands and deserts, slippery ice surfaces and snow, transport in agricultural and forestry orchards, loading yards, and water conservancy construction. , infrastructure projects, mining sites are widely used.

Small track transporter features:

1. Wide application range, simple structure, stable transmission, easy operation and easy automatic control.

2. Suitable for complex road conditions such as swamps, river beaches, deserts, paddy fields, tropical rain forests, snow and ice.

3, single-cylinder power system, low fuel consumption, can also use two-cylinder, four-cylinder diesel engine.

4, the traction is large, the climbing performance is good, and the transportation capacity is strong.

5, the turning radius is small, flexible, especially suitable for narrow sites, reducing the cost of building roads.

6, equipped with electric start, handle centralized, easy to operate.