Precautions for excavator operation

- Jul 11, 2018-

The excavator hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a buffer device, which can gradually release back pressure near the end of the journey. If the piston is subjected to impact load after reaching the end of the stroke, it will directly touch the head or bottom of the cylinder, which is easy to cause accidents. Therefore, when reaching the end of the stroke, it should leave as much space as possible.

Using the rotary action of excavator to push the earth will cause the abnormal force on the bucket and working device, causing distortion, weld cracking and even broken pin shaft. This kind of operation should be avoided as far as possible.

Used excavators digging the body weight will cause the rotary bearing abnormal stress state, and a strong vibration and impact on the chassis, so the application of the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic line produce larger damage.

When loading and unloading heavy materials such as rocks, the excavator should unload the materials near the bottom of the truck carriage, or load the soil first, and then load the rocks.

When the crawler excavator is deep in the mud, a board is placed under the bucket. The bottom end of the bucket is used to support the crawler.