Maintenance knowledge of road roller

- Jul 17, 2018-

1.Lubrication of roller

In addition to the use of pressure - resistant lithium - based lubricants at hinged joints and at both ends of the steering cylinder, all other lubricants use common lubricants.

2.Cleaning of road roller

Roller each homework finished, must wash out the dirt and dust, now should pay special attention to diesel engines, generators, starter motor, fuel injection pump, fuel injector, hydraulic pump, etc., as well as the hydraulic line appearance clean, must use dry soft cloth to clean the place.

If the roller is parked for a long time, it must release water from the engine water tank (in the cold winter weather, it should be released after the daily operation). Carefully clean the dirt and dust on the machine, scrub the outer surface of each component and all lubrication holes with kerosene, and add grease once.