Loader regular maintenance method

- Dec 25, 2018-

Loader regular maintenance small method

First, every day

1. Check for oil, water, gas leakage and overheating of the machine parts;

2. Check diesel engine oil, coolant and hydraulic oil level;

3. Check tire pressure and damage;

4. Check the meter and lights;

5. Press the butter at each hinge point.

Second, every 50 hours

1. Check the front and rear drive shaft bolts;

2. Check the gearbox oil level;

3. Check the adjustment of the foot brake and the hand brake, the brake booster oil;

4. Check the throttle control and shift control system;

Third, every 100 hours

1. Replace the transmission oil (replace every 600 hours) and clean the oil pan filter;

2. Replace engine oil (replace every 600 hours);

3. Check the battery liquid level, and apply the Vaseline to the battery terminal;

4. Check the tightening of the rim and brake disc bolts and bridge bolts;

5. Check the tightening of each fastening bolt.