Learn the basic knowledge of excavator operation

- Jul 07, 2018-

  1. Walking: walking on the shoulder of a road, tree, or other obstacle can cause great impact on the chassis and damage to the machine. So be sure to clear obstacles or walk around.

  2. High speed walking; On rough roads, such as rock beds or large rocks, you should walk at a low speed. When walking at high speed, put the compact wheel in the forward direction

  3. Walk downhill; Put the walking lever in the middle position so that the brake can operate automatically.

  4. Walk on slopes:(1) when driving down a steep slope, the walking lever and fuel control knob should be used to keep the walking speed low.

    (2) when driving up a steep slope, extend the working device to the front to ensure balance. Keep the working device on the ground about 20-30cm and walk at low speed.

  5. The engine stalled on the slope; If the engine shuts down during uphill walking, move the walking lever to the middle, drop the bucket to the ground, stop the machine, and start the engine again

  6. Out of the mud; - be careful not to get stuck in the mud. If the machine is stuck in mud, use the machine as follows.

    (1) slide into one side track; When only one side of the track is stuck in the mud, lift the track with a shovel bucket, then lay out the board or garden wood and pull the machine out.

    (2) slide into two tracks; When both tracks are stuck in mud and skidding prevents the machine from moving, press (1) to lay the plank and dig the bucket into the ground ahead. Then return the bucket pole according to the normal operation of the excavator and put the walking operating pole in the forward position to drive the machine out.