How to maintain your wheel loader?

- Jul 03, 2019-

After using the loader for a period of time, there are often some phenomena such as poor handling sensitivity, weak machine, and slow work. The cause analysis is mainly caused by long-term overload work and operation in an environment that does not meet the requirements; daily maintenance is not in place; fault repair is not completely excluded from hidden dangers. The operation and control devices include various handles, buttons, accelerator pedals, etc. For the loose handles, the handles should be checked frequently to check the tightening condition, re-adjust or tighten; if the wear is serious, repair or replace it in time. For some electronic switch buttons, check the working status and promptly eliminate the problem.

In order to avoid safety accidents or machine failures, it is necessary to strictly manage and constantly improve the technical quality of the operators, to ensure that the loader can be operated correctly, and to hold a certificate of employment. It is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance and inspection of the equipment. Every work cycle must be fully tested to keep the machine intact. If there is a fault, it should be promptly and thoroughly eliminated. Do not leave hidden dangers and increase the special maintenance equipment. Usually wear some easy-to-wear accessories and replace them when problems are found. Only the maintenance of the loader on weekdays and daily maintenance can keep it in a good working condition and create economic value to a large extent!

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