How to choose a roller according to the type of road

- Mar 20, 2018-

First of all, for the primary and secondary national highways and automobile-only roads, large vibratory rollers with higher compaction capacity should be used.

Then, for roads below the third level, or when infrequent compaction operations are not carried out, it is advisable to equip about 2 tons of flexible vibratory rollers.

Again, for asphalt concrete roads, full-drive vibratory rollers should be used.

In addition, for the cement concrete pavement, a tire-driven type vibratory roller can be used. In the bottom layer of an advanced road subgrade, a tire roller or a tire-driven vibratory roller is preferably used for compaction to obtain uniform compactness.

Finally, the static acting optical roller roller can be used when repairing the road surface.