Correct use of excavator bucket

- Mar 20, 2018-

Because the work site and the construction object are different, the same excavator can be equipped with a variety of buckets, but we must pay attention to the matching of the entire machine performance. For example, in order to improve the working efficiency of the excavation earthwork, the rock bucket can be replaced with a reinforced one. Big bucket, but in order to adapt to the rock operation in the ordinary models will be replaced by an ordinary bucket equal volume rock bucket, so as not to damage the performance of the entire machine to make the stick, boom caused by improper use of quality problems occur.

In order to extend the service life of the bucket, in addition to ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity, it also puts forward higher requirements on fatigue strength and wear resistance. Usually, the bucket teeth are designed as two parts that can be replaced, and the bucket is welded together with the body as a bucket. The tooth holder, which can be replaced, is called the bucket tooth. The arch reinforcement plate for the bucket holder, side blade plate and rock bucket should be made of high-strength, wear-resistant and weldable materials.