Basic knowledge of excavator

- Jul 07, 2018-

Safety rules for excavators

I. preparation before homework:

1. Read carefully the relevant instructions of the excavator, and be familiar with the use and maintenance status of the driving vehicle;

2. Understand the construction site task in detail and check the soil solidity and stability at the excavator stop. When excavating foundation pit and trench, check the stability of road cut and groove slope.

3. It is strictly prohibited for any personnel to stay in the operation area, and the working area should be accessible by dumper.

4. Check the hydraulic system, engine, transmission device, braking device, rotary device, instruments and instruments of the excavator, and work only after testing and confirmation of normal operation.

II. Operating and driving requirements:

1. Signal shall be sent before operation starts;

2. During the operation, attention should be paid to selecting and creating a reasonable working face, and no digging is allowed; It is strictly prohibited to place excavators in two excavation surfaces at the same time. It is strictly prohibited to operate under wires and other high-altitude erection objects;

3. During operation, it is forbidden to adjust the engine, governor, hydraulic system and electrical system. It is forbidden to smash solid objects with a shovel or by means of rotating machinery. It is prohibited to lift excavators with bucket poles or bucket oil cylinders; It is prohibited to use the excavating manipulator to drag the weight on the side. It is prohibited for working devices to be excavated in a sudden descent manner;

4. The excavator shall be loaded after the vehicle is stationary. When discharging, the bucket shall be lowered as far as possible without touching any part of the vehicle, and the bucket shall be prohibited from crossing the cab.

5. When the hydraulic excavator works normally, the hydraulic oil temperature should be between 50 and 80 degrees. Preheat the machine if it is less than 20 degrees before use. Reach or exceed 80 degrees when, should stop heat dissipation.

III. Post-operation requirements:

1. When walking, the excavator shall be commanded by a special person, and the distance from the high pressure line shall not be less than 5 meters. No walking backwards;

2. When walking down the slope, you should drive at a low and uniform speed.

3. The parking position and walking route of the excavator should be kept at a safe distance from the road surface, ditch and foundation pit;

4. The excavator shall stop at the slope, and the bucket shall be placed on the ground, and all operating rods shall be placed in the middle position;

5. After the completion of the work, the fuselage shall be straightened, the bucket shall be placed on the ground, and all operating rods shall be placed in neutral position. All parts of the brake braking, closed the mechanical doors and Windows, the driver can only leave.