Advantages and characteristics of crawler dumper truck.

- May 17, 2020-

1. Convenient and fast:

Equipped with hydraulic take-off and landing, dump function, and dump Angle adjustable, reduce labor intensity, improve transport efficiency;Equipped with electric starting, centralized handle, easy to operate;Chassis support wheel, guide wheel, towing wheel adopts roller bearing, regular injection of butter lubrication, free of maintenance and maintenance in use

2. Stable and reliable:

The chassis and bracket of the vehicle are made of special materials with high strength and large rigidity to ensure the stability of the whole machine.Support wheel, guide wheel,

The driving wheel is made of high strength alloy steel with good consumption resistance and long service life.The rubber track used by crawler car is made of high strength and consumable material.The mechanical transmission gearbox is specially designed, wet friction disc, single axle steering brake, with large torque, strong bearing capacity, large output power, stable and reliable steering brake.

3. Flexibility:

Supported by supporting wheel train and crawler, the weight of the whole vehicle is stable.Small turning radius, especially suitable for narrow site, complex terrain;Strong traction, good performance of climbing and grasping the ground;The whole machine has the functions of forward, backward, turn and walking. It can move flexibly and walk for a long distance.

4. Wide application:

Can adapt to paddy fields, marshland, muddy field road, rugged mountain road, soft grassland, forest and desert, wet ice and snow, and other complex and harsh road conditions, in agriculture, forestry and orchard transport, freight yard loading, water conservancy construction, infrastructure projects, mining sites widely used.

5. Structural advantages:

With rubber tracks, gear train instead of the traditional walking wheel, large carrying capacity, strong grip, low noise, at the same time increases the crawler walking device of the machine with the ground units grounding area, do not harm farmland and asphalt, has a good driving and through performance, reduce the damage on the ground, shaft end sealing structure, nothing more than to ensure lubricating oil seal leakage, and can prevent mud into the round cavity.