1 Ton Crawler Carrier Dumper Truck

1,Wide range of use, simple structure, smooth transmission Suitable for complex road conditions such as swamp, river bank, desert, paddy field, tropical rain forest, snow field and ice. 2,Low fuel consumption High traction, Good climbing ability, strong transport capacity. 3,with electric start, concentrated handle and convenient operation. operating radius is small ,can work in small area . 4,hydraulic lifting and unloading, reduce labor intensity and improve transportation efficiency.

Product Details


Ated Loading capacity: 1000kgs

Total Machine Weight: 800kgs

Diesel Engine Power: 10hp

Diesel engine speed: 2300r/min

Rated climbing Angle: 30°

minimum ground clearance: 200mm

Rubber Track circumference: 3780mm

Rubber Track width: 230mm

Hopper of dumper truck: 1420*1050*490mm

Walking speed: 0.8-12 k/h

Overall size: 2550*1120*1340mm

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