Tire Protection Chain

Main Features 1)Good abrasion in working on worse road surface with slag and stone. 2) The service lifetime is up to several thousand hours. 3) Has a very high reliability in operation. 4) The chain ring is difficult to be broken,easy installation, replacement and dismounting, less labor and time and available quick repairing parts.

Product Details

   wheel loader tire protection chain

Six product advantages
I. long service life, good anti-skid effect:
Designed service life (eight hours per day) is three years, and the track can be separately repaired and replaced.Caterpillar design is adopted, which has a large contact area with the ground and a tighter fitting degree with the tire after installation, so that the equipment has a greater grip and its anti-skid effect is far better than the traditional anti-skid chain.
Two, can form a strong tire protection and improve work efficiency:
The installation of track can greatly reduce the loss of tires in bad environment, and extend the service life of tires by three times under the same working condition and working quantity.Each 50 loader tire is worth about 6,000 yuan, and the annual depreciation, repair and renewal cost of the tire alone can reach about 30,000 yuan.According to the service life of three years, after installation of crawler vehicle, tire cost alone can save nearly 100000 yuan, and greatly enhance the tyres grip, prevent slippage phenomenon in bad environment, reduce the repetitions, sped up the work progress, the comprehensive efficiency can increase nearly 30%, had 10 work can be completed 7-8.
Three, high intensity operation to reduce fuel consumption, high economic preservation:
The strength and efficiency of the equipment are significantly improved in the high-intensity work after installation of the track, and it becomes easier to load and unload or push the same amount of residue or ore. The workload that used to be completed by stepping on the accelerator twice can be completed only once, which significantly reduces oil consumption and production cost.Due to the installation of track, reduce the daily wear and tear of equipment tires, and in the same amount of work to reduce nearly 30% of the working hours, for the equipment brought a higher value, make the transfer machine looks better, when you want to dispose of the old machine on hand, the sales price can also be significantly increased.
Iv. Convenient loading and unloading, greatly reducing the driver's work load:
It only takes two people 20 minutes to complete the loading and unloading of this track, and there are no special circumstances (such as transition) after the installation, there is no need to remove it again, and there will be no loose problems. It has low noise, few accessories, and low maintenance rate, which reduces the driver's work load and enables him to devote himself to work more fully.
Five, can adapt to wear more serious tires:
The tire air should be let off when the track is installed. After installation, the air is tightened and anti-skid wings are designed. The tires with severe wear can also be used after installation.
Vi. Enhance the passing ability of equipment:
The track increases the contact area between the tire and the road surface and enhances the equipment's ability to pass under complex terrain conditions.






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