Excavator Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Features of quick connector for excavator: 1. Use high-strength materials;Suitable for various types of 3-80 tonnage; 2. Use the safety device of liquid control one-way valve to ensure safety; 3. The excavator components can be replaced without modification or removing the pin shaft, so they can be installed quickly and work efficiency can be greatly improved. 4. There is no need to manually smash the bucket pin between the crushing hammer and the digging bucket. The switch can be gently moved for 10 seconds to complete the exchange between the digging bucket and the crushing hammer. 5, mainly used in the need to frequently replace the front end of the excavator working device in the workplace, in the long-term use of a device is not to install.

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A: excavator quick connector classification:

The quick change joint of excavator is divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type.

Three: hydraulic quick change connector working principle:

hydraulic quick change joint mainly relies on the cylinder action to fix and release the pin shaft 1 and 2.When the working part needs to be replaced, the oil cylinder is recovered, and the hook type pressing block moves from the position of 1 to the position of 2, quickly change the joint to disengage and change to other working parts. After the hook type pressing block is well aligned with the pin shaft, the oil cylinder is opened again, and the hook type pressing block moves from the position of 2 to the position of 1, locking the pin shaft of the working part.Of course, this is in addition to the external oil line and solenoid valve at the same time.

Four: mechanical quick-change joint working principle:

The products of domestic manufacturers are mainly divided into two types: one is bolt type, the other is screw type.Take the bolt type as an example, when the working part needs to be replaced, the wedge card shall be pulled out first and the t-shaped buckle shall be knocked in (the t-shaped buckle can smoothly drive the red part of the pressing block back to the recycling, where the welding requirements are relatively high, the slide track is not welded flat, and the pressing action of the red part is difficult to be smooth if the polishing point is not clean).Quick change joint disengage from bucket.When the required working parts are changed, the t-buckle is pulled back and wedge clips are inserted into the t-buckle for locking.

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