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Characteristics of the rock bucket of the excavator: the high-stress part is especially strengthened, the easily worn part is thicker, and the bottom part is reinforced.The excavation of relatively hard rocks, secondary hard rocks and wind fossils mixed in the soil;Hard rock, ore loading and other heavy operations.Various specifications bucket capacity can be customized production.Digging bucket body selection of high quality wear-resistant low alloy steel, welding material selection of low hydrogen, with good plasticity, toughness and crack resistance.The main characteristics of the excavator bucket are as follows:

1. Choose ultra-high strength wear-resistant steel to extend the product life.

2. Double arc design is adopted at the bottom of the bucket to increase the grounding gap of heel and reduce wear.

3. Bucket teeth, tooth seat are brand products, so that the rock bucket reliability, better excavation performance, economy is more prominent.

Introduction of anti-skid protection track for loader

Anti-skid protection track is installed on wheel construction machinery such as loader, scraper, etc., with the purpose of prolonging the service life of tires, enhancing the anti-skid, anti-puncture and anti-cut effect of tires, and forming powerful protection for tires.Fill the gap of engineering machinery accessories, widely used in quarry, mine, engineering and other environments, tire skid protection track in the same working conditions to extend the service life of three times.Save time and effort, it only takes two people one hour to install the upper track.Low failure rate and no maintenance after installation.It is the most simple, effective and direct choice to improve the working efficiency and save the use cost.Reduce oil consumption under the premise of the same workload, the effect of saving working hours is very obvious.

Company production chain of the loader is authenticated by the energy of the People's Republic of China intellectual property office of the products, on the use of the effect has been recognized by the vast number of customers to, on May 15, and in 2018 passed the People's Republic of China on the utility model patent law of the preliminary review by the People's Republic of China intellectual property office utility model patent certificate.

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